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Alyssira “Aly” Beaulieu had a full ride to college, a loving grandmother, and a troubled older sister to take care of. Then the bombs fell.

Three hundred years after the destruction, she awakes in the streets of an unfamiliar Boston in a whole new body. Lost and buffeted by shock, she searches for help but instead ends up in the hands of the city’s most dangerous gang.

A strange boy who goes by the name of Prophet from the Moon rescues Aly and leads her to his home, a compound of soldiers led by an ambitious young captain and her handsome lieutenant.

Aly has only one goal: to survive. She imagines a second chance at life in the refuge, falling in love, training as a soldier, and becoming an older sister to Prophet.

But a cosmic entity threatens her dreams when it reveals she is part of an order of intergalactic guardians called Curators, souls of the dead infused into supernatural bodies. It instructs her to cross a perilous wasteland to Toronto to find a journal capable of stopping elites living in cities on the Moon from selling Earth to an alien race within ten years.

But the captain plans to attack the compound’s enemies and needs Aly’s help, too. Now loyal to her new family, Aly must decide whether to fight for her compound’s future or abandon her loved ones to fulfill her purpose as Curator of Earth.



Review of VICIOUS by V.E. Schwab

Mmm. So evil.

Category: Adult Sci-fi/Fantasy

If HEROS and DEATHNOTE had a lovechild, it would be called VICIOUS. And what a beautiful and dark child it is. This fast-paced sci-fi book by V.E. Schwab pits two brilliant adversaries against each other in an entertaining chase full of unpredictable twists, passion, and intelligence. The superbly crafted plot sinks it claws into the reader with the first sentence and never lets go. The main characters start as friends, each drawn to the other’s darkness lurking beneath the skin. A high-risk science experiment to unveil the existence of ExtraOrdinary humans, people with supernatural capabilities, eventually turns the two into mortal enemies who will do just about anything to destroy the other.

I love these types of stories because I’m always on the edge, waiting to see who will outmaneuver the other and get the upper hand—especially when the foes are equally matched in cleverness and, in this case, cruelty. The side characters are another bonus; they’re well developed and interesting, each possessing his or her own razor sharp qualities and quirks. I highly appreciate novels with great side characters; they’re so essential to the whole journey of MCs and the story itself. Sometimes I might drop a book if the side characters are lackluster, but this isn’t the case with VICIOUS.  Furthermore, the writing is fantastic, not a single word is wasted.

And lastly, a sense of dread loomed over my head from beginning to end while reading this book, making my heart race. Seriously, you have to read it. I believe each one of us has a little viciousness in us, and VICIOUS lets us relish in it without feeling guilty.

I read somewhere that the book will be made into a film. You know I’ll be watching it.

Rating: 4.6 / 5

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