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DAY 3: Don’t Let “Positive Thinking” Hurt You


This is 60 Seconds with Dasist Winter. 🙂

Positive thinking. Sigh.

Positive thinking has its role in your life but there are days when you try hard to get your mind to think constructive thoughts and you only feel worse.

Why? Because you’re told to put your brain in a box labeled “positive thinking”, but your brain’s more like an ocean, and you can’t put the ocean in a box.

Sometimes you need to take a break from mastering your mind and just do something:

  • Talk to a friend
  • Take a walk
  • Go to your self-healing cocoon 
  • Write in your journal
  • Watch a movie or read a book
  • LIVE!

Instead of hitting the pause button to figure out whether you can convince your mind to think positively, press play and live life in any way you can.

Before you know it, your mind will focus on the actions. And, surprise, you’ve changed your mindset!

So, although it’s good to harbor positive thoughts, life can be super shitty and you may find that thinking positively doesn’t help at all. But I find that actions always do.

And that’s 60 seconds.

Stay amazing. ❤

What’s your alternative to “positive thinking”? Leave a comment below! Would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂